2021 Grant awards

The 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia will collaborate with the National Institute of Health/Morehouse School of Medicine Health & Wellness for a better understanding of Healthcare 2.0, COVID-19, Violence, Brain, Mental Health, and Cancer awareness.  Our focus is to education our community on these important, pertinent, and relevant health issues.



The 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia in conjunction with our community partner

Coca-Cola will work to increase our community footprint as active participants in matters of  education, financial literacy, social injustice and equality,. Additionally, the chapter will work with local law enforcement and national organizations to make real change in the areas of equality and social justice reform. 





The 100 Black Men of Greater Columbia, with the support of our community partner

Ikea,  are finding new and innovative ways to increase membership, drive our mission statement and branding, create a channel to foster leadership, find new community partners, and develop a one, three, and five year plan.  Additionally, with the support of Ikea, the chapter will create a peer-to-peer program for corporate and sole-proprietors, and create a future leadership program.